The 2016 WPPS Trivia Night is set to be our biggest yet!

If you're not sure if you'll come to the Trivia Night this year, let me assure you - you won't want to miss it! Aside from the ginormous prize pool, and the awesome theme, it's seriously a great night to mingle, laugh, dance and on the odd occasion spark some friendly competition with other parents on other tables! This year, you chose the theme and it's simply AWESOME! Heroes and Villains was the winning theme - great job by all who voted. The prize pool this year is out of this world. We have some very generous donations from the community and also some superb donations from YOU, in the class hamper baskets. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here's a sneak peek of the baskets that have

Fun at the Summer Movie Night At WPPS

FREE Family Movie Night - 11 December 2015 On 11 December 2015, the P&C - together with our generous sponsor, Bendigo Bank - hosted a movie night at school. Why? To thank our amazing families, teachers and sponsors, of course! It was a great night, and everyone enjoyed a little bit of Hollywood in our own backyard. Best of all, we let YOU choose the movie! Kids filled in a quick online survey, and the movie that recieved the the most votes was played on the night! Monsters Inc was the winner! This night was made possible by our great sponsor, the Bendigo Bank, Turramurra and Lindfield Branch. Thanks guys!

Innovation in fundraising - tips and tricks

Whilst our school's P&C fundraising isn't to the level of a US Presidential Election, it does take a lot of planning, cooperation, resources and innovation to keep things fresh & keep the school audience engaged. Our P&C has always had a pretty good fundraising calendar, which offers a mix of family-activities as well as social activities. It's really easy to keep doing what you know works, especially when human resources are stretched. But everyone knows, easy isn't always best. For the past couple of years, the P&C committee has been testing new things, and taking some risks on activities that were unchartered (for our current peeps at least). Ideas have been raised and debated, and the

How to make kids enjoy healthy food!

WPPS has a secret weapon to help get our kids to eat vegies. We have a couple of dedicated parents and teachers, who masquerade as food-funsters...but the trick is, it's all HEALTHY food! For 2 years in a row, these masquerading healthsters, led by LS and LF (codenames, in case their real identity is disclosed), WPPS has hosted a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day. What started out in 2015 as a small affair, has grown into a full-on programme which is incorporated into the curriculum, and even has the attention of the local media. In 2016, LS rallied her troops and prepared a day that would captivate even the most anti-green kids. Kids were stirring, cooking, learning, compiling and then EAT