An important public service announcement from 6S.

Our very clever students in 6S, with the support from Mr S, have used their acting, directing and editing skills to produce an instructional video for WPPS. The video demonstrates how drivers and students are to use the Kiss and Drop zone. This awesome video will be shared with all WPPS classes in the coming weeks and teachers will be discussing Kiss and Drop in class - in particularly, what is safe practice and what not to do. Thank you 6S - job well done! Click here to check it out.

Kiss & Drop - Name cards for your windscreen

Hi everyone If your Kiss & Drop name card (printed on yellow paper) did not arrive please feel free to drop into the school office to pick one up. Spares have been printed and are available. Alternatively, you can download and print your own copy. If you want to read more about Kiss & Drop and why we are updating how we operate click here. Thanks for your support. P&C

Welcome to Term 3! A message from our P&C President Bob Keen.

Hi everyone! I have no doubt that the arrival of the third term brings with it cheers and sighs of relief from some exhausted parents out there! Well done and welcome back to the entire community. I am sure we will see many of you supporting the local coffee shops for some well-deserved quiet time at 9:15am tomorrow morning! As a P&C committee, our commitment continues this term with various critical school development projects. Coming off the back of one of the most successful TRIVIA night fundraisers with over $19000 raised, the impetus continues with the community spirit which just seems to grow better and better each term. Thank you again for being part of the vision. We focus this term