Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a P&C?


That's an easy answer. To supplement the government funds so that we can make the school experience excellent for our kids, and create a community which you're proud to belong to. It might sound a little corny, but it's true.  


We are very fortunate to have a brilliant public school ably led by a caring and committed Principal and dedicated teachers.  Government resources are finite and quite limited unless we ''top them up".   That's where the P&C comes in. We help to  provide resources (both human & financial) to make sure the school and our kids have the best resources possible.

Tell me exactly does the P&C help the school, students and parents?


Primary school kids are inquisitive, active and very busy! Often times extra parental hands make the world of difference to events such as swimming and athletic carnivals, band performances, excursions.  That's our (and your!) cue!


Similarly, school equipment gets a fair workout by the students, so additional equipment is often needed. The P&C raises funds to supply those much needed resources, which otherwise would be outside the budget provided by the Education Department


The canteen is also managed by the P&C. Its healthy, delicious and affordable food is there for every student.  


The P&C also manages the operation of the Pre-loved Uniform stall which is a great way to save money on uniforms.


We also coordinate the school's Band Program, as elected parents coordinate the auditions, lessons, instrument distribution and fee management.


We also host a number of social initiatives at the school, to encourage community interaction and to ensure there is a vibrant, supportive community for our kids.  

How much money does the P&C raise?


Our aim in 2017 is to raise over $25,000. Money raised this year will be spent in 2018.

What is the voluntary family pledge? How else do you raise funds? 


Each year, we ask parents to make a deductible contribution which goes towards key projects that have been prioritised by the school and P&C committee. If every family contributes the minimum amount, it would achieve 50 per cent of our total target, which is why we still arrange fundraising events such as cake stalls, trivia nights, sausage sizzles and wishing trees.


In addition to this, the P&C Committee monitor Government and Private Grant schemes which are made available for businesses and organisations to apply for, and will submit applications to selected opportunities.   Mrs Wilson also monitors Educational Grants and applies for them when they are available.  It is a very competitive process, and we do our best to try and secure external funding so that the pressure is not as high within the school community.

Who decides where the money goes?


P&C committee members vote on funding items that have been tabled by the committee and the school as a priority.  Any parent can become a member for just 50c - so it's another great reason to join the committee so you can make sure your vote counts.


Towards the end of each year the P&C meets with the Principal, Mrs Bronwyn Wilson, to identify what resources are needed, and which ones will make the biggest difference in our children’s primary school  experience. This complements the feedback received from the broader school community via proposals or meeting submissions. 

What does the money pay for?


Our aim is to ensure funds raised will benefit as many children as possible.  In the past P&C funds have paid for:


  • Renovation of the canteen, and development of the outdoor COLA (covered outdoor learning area)

  • Playground improvements

  • iPads 

  • Welcome t-shirts for Kindergarten students (perpetual commitment by the P&C)

  • Band program management (perpetual commitment by the P&C)

  • Additional classroom resources (such books, games and equipment)

  • Additional specialist teacher resource - 1 day per week (perpetual commitment by the P&C)

  • Hand sanitizer in all classrooms to reduce sickness (perpetual commitment by the P&C)

How can I help?


There are lots of ways you can help:

1. Join for 50c and attend the meetings, so you can have your say on the school & P&Cs priorities

2. Help at school functions during the week - reading groups, morning teas, other functions

3. Help at fundraising functions - baking or selling, or sourcing prizes for auction items and prizes

4. Help at school functions that are held out of hours - working bees, social nights

5. Attend the FUNdraising functions and have FUN!