2017 P&C Pledge - Voluntary Contribution

June 20, 2017

Dear WPPS families,


What an amazing sight it is to see the new Outdoor Learning Space here at WPPS!


Did you know that creative projects like this only happen because of the financial contribution and support from families in our WPPS community.


Our plans for future projects at WPPS include:

  • Phase Two of the playground upgrade

  • Increase in technology resources available to all children across all stages

  • Provide teachers with modern learning materials

  • Ongoing commitment for learning support resources and teacher

Your voluntary contribution is crucial in ensuring that our children and their friends come to school each day and learn in a well equipped, adequately resourced and innovative learning environment.


What is the Pledge?


The Pledge is the P&C’s commitment to raising finances to be re-invested back into our school. Our goal in 2017 is to raise $15,000.


What does it mean to our WPPS community?


A message from our Principal Ms Bronwyn Wilson:


“West Pymble Public School is indeed fortunate to have such a committed and proactive P&C. The strong partnerships we enjoy as a whole school community help to improve the learning outcomes for all our children and the funds raised by the P&C through the Pledge and other fundraising efforts, provide us with the vehicle to ensure this can happen.”


A message from our P&C President Mr Bob Keen:


"The success of any organisation is always through a collaborative effort of all engaged parties. The pledge forms a key function in the context of the school where many are not able to dedicate their time to the school but have the ability to

contribute financially in order to uplift the facility".


Messages from our WPPS student leadership team


From Harry:

"We love the new playground. It's a complete upgrade from the old dirt patch. We can play all sports on it, even if it's raining."


From Emilia:

"Our new playground is very accessible from all areas of the school. Its great to have a large space where everyone can play together and sit during recess."


From Ben:

“The new playground is amazing. We can all play so much on it all at the same time. It makes the school look really cool too. We are very lucky to have it in before winter as now it won't go all muddy.”


How much is the contribution?


This year we are encouraging all families to contribute $100.00 (per family) for the school year. This equates to $25.00 per term or approximately 50 cents per day over the course of one school year. Of course, you are more than welcome to pay more, or less, than this amount. All contributions will be warmly received.


How do I/we pay?


We have listened to your feedback and have simplified this process. This year you will be able to pay the voluntary contribution through the school fees process, paying directly to the school.


Please note that the Term 3 Schedule of Fees will include the option to pay the annual voluntary contribution of $100.00 per family.


Let’s do it!


Together we can achieve our goal of raising $15,000 for our school. Thank you for your support.


If you have any questions please email admin@wppspnc.com.au