P&C Wrap Up + 2017 Open Positions

Well folks, we're in Term 4 of another fabulous year at WPPS, and I thought it was time to reflect (don't you love that word...it's fancy for 'try to remember') on all of the ways that our parent community has helped WPPS. Forgive me if the grey matter neglects to include some items!

Pre-Loved Uniform Sales

Sharlynn does a wonderful job at organising and running the preloved sales throughout the year, allowing parents to score some big bargains on uniforms. All of the funds raised go back to the school, to help fund the various items that our kids need.

This year, Sharlynn opened the stalls on Saturdays, as she recognised that it was difficult for working parents to attend the sales during the week. The weekend stalls were a great success, and I know the parents were very grateful at the opportunity to shop on a Saturday.

A big thanks to Sharlynn and Ben, and all of her merry helpers.

Anna, Dani & Sharlynn at the Saturday Preloved Uniform Stall

A Green Canteen

Move over Preston-Calombaris-Mehigan, we have a new formidable Trio that's taking over the canteen scene! It's the Dani-Wendela-Heni team! We know you want your kids to eat healthy food, and so the menu was revised to increase the number of 'green' (fancy word for healthy) items on the menu. A brekky menu was introduced in 2016, which the kids love. It's another way to make sure those hungry tummies are full and ready to learn.

A big thanks to Gladys for helping with all of the pricing revisions, and for all of the lovely volunteers who come along and spend the day in the canteen helping to serve the kids.

Dad's Day in the Canteen

Social Events and "Morning" Teas (that sometimes happen at night)

This year, Ursula took over the reins of coordinating various functions for parents, and she did it with style and grace! From coordinating a roster of volunteers for Spring Showcase, to sorting out cakes/muffins/cheese tray contributions to welcome new kindy parents - every event went off without a hitch.

Thankyou again to all of the parents who were able to bake (or in my case, buy) or volunteer at the events. These events really are a great way to help set a solid social support system for the school.

FUNdraising events

WPPS is well known for putting on the best Trivia Night in the district, and 2016 was no different. Eva led a team of enthusiastic event planners to pull off another fantastic event. Artwork auctions were a hit thanks to our exceptionally talented kids + enthusiastic auctioneer + generously competitive parents! The Trivia Master Duo of Neil & Larissa kept everyone thinking, and at one stage had the whole hall singing along to "Believe it or not" from Greatest American Hero. Everyone had a great night!

The Election Day sausage sizzle & cake stall was a hit, as was the Spring Showcase father's day brekky and cake stall. The Mother's Day stall had a new twist this year thanks to Gladys & Kim, which the kids (and mums!) loved. Comedy Night was a little quieter on attendance, but just as loud on fun. Overall, we've had a successful year of social, fun, fundraising.

The Playground Update & Grants in action

After successfully receiving the Community Building Partnership Grant, we can proudly say that Phase 1 of the playground will be completed by March 2017. Terri and Gladys have had many conversations with various parties about this, and their attention to detail and diligence is much appreciated.

Creating a strong, caring community

There's so much more that our parent community contributes, which makes me really proud to be a WPPS parent. I'm very grateful for the commitment and dedication of the outgoing (in personality & in tenure!) P&C Exec Committee - Kim, Eva, Gladys & Terri. Together, during our time on the committee, we've put our heart and soul into the P&C and school initiatives, and have worked together to deliver something that I'm really proud of - a strong community who cares. All of the members of the P&C, and the broader parent community, make such a beautiful difference to the school. With life being so busy, we want to make sure that you know we appreciate your support, in all fashions it comes in. And so does the school & the kids, and that's what really matters.

If you'd like to see more of the P&C action, be sure to check out the Facebook page - we update it with photos from events, and notifications of various P&C initiatives.

2017 - a new crew - we need you!

The current P&C Exec committee has reached its 2 year tenure and we will be stepping down at the end of 2016. For 2017, we need a new crew to take over the P&C clipboard.

The Office Bearing roles for our P&C organisation are President, Vice President(s), Treasurer, and Secretary. Click the link to read more about what these roles entail.

These roles are required to be filled so that WPPS P&C continues to exist as an official Not-For-Profit organisation, and so that our funds remain within WPPS.

Being involved in your child's school is rewarding. You meet amazing people, and are able to understand what makes a difference to your child's education. It's a great way to 'give back' and be involved in your child's schooling, at a time when the kids are proud to see parents in the playground or at school functions (at high school I've heard it's a whole new vibe).

Please, if you're interested, come along to the final P&C Meeting on 28 November 2016 and indicate your interest. Or, if you have questions in the meantime, please contact myself, Kim, Eva, Terri or Gladys.

Before I sign off, I'd like to thank all of the parents who've lent their hands, hearts, or minds to various initiatives. From Working Bees, to cupcake stalls, donating prizes to reading in classrooms, buying school sausage sizzles, helping at carnivals, attending trivia nights - every bit helps and every bit matters.


Abby, WPPS P&C President, 2015-2016

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