P&C Newsletter - Term 1, 2017

Message from our new P&C President Bob Keen

A very warm welcome to our West Pymble pupils and parents, teachers, administrators and especially our new members who have entrusted their children’s’ education to us at West Pymble Public School.

As in any year, your children remain the top priority and everything we do simply contributes to ensuring a better education for all of them. The responsibility lies on each of us to do something to help, be it volunteer (a crucial component) or contributions in other ways. The P and C invite everyone to join in the fun and do something beyond their daily lives and careers which brings back the feel-good factor. The children need each of us to put our hands up this year if we are to ramp up the committees’ capacity to produce results. This year will see our normal fundraising initiatives bolstered by a few additional ‘out of the box’ initiatives to impact more broadly. Watch the newsletters and communications for details and as usual, spread the word and get involved.

On a final note, we value the opinions of our community and ask that your opinions and suggestions be bolstered by your involvement in the school, as this attendance makes for far more successful outcome.

Thank you for what you are about to do for the school! We look forward to the results and especially the children’s smiles!



Term 1 Dates - What's on?

At the beginning of each term we will share the term dates on Facebook and on our P&C Blog. This list is a combination of school events and P&C events.

You can also find the complete annual calendar here.

WPPS P&C Facebook Page - Let's be social!

Please join our WPPS P&C Community by liking our Facebook page. All of the P&C events will be posted here and we will also share reminders and updates before and after each event or fundraising initiative.

We would love to hear from you so please comment on our posts and share them with your WPPS friends.

Don't forget we also have a P&C blog - which is located on our P&C website.

A reminder of who we are and what we do...

For more information about what we do visit our P&C website.

The next P&C general meeting is scheduled for Monday 13/03/2017. The meeting commences at 7.30pm and is held in the school library. The more the merrier, so please feel free to join us.

2017 Welcome Night

Please join us this Friday night for our annual "Welcome night". This event is held in the hall and will commence at 7pm.

Whether you are new to our school, or you are already a friend of ours, it's a lovely casual opportunity to meet other (new and existing) families in our school community.

All new WPPS families enter for free. Existing WPPS families are asked to pay $15 pp to help cover the costs of the night.

We hope to see you there!

RSVP to abbydmq@gmail.com

Communication is the key

This year we will be focusing on our communication with the school community. We will endeavour to share useful and relevant P&C information with you on a regular basis. Bronwyn and the WPPS team are also working on streamlining their communication with families.

Watch this space.

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