Grandfriends Day (Monday 3rd April)

One of our most memorable days in the school year is our Grandfriends Day at WPPS!

This year Grandfriends Day will be held on Monday 3rd of April from 8.40am to 11.30am.

For more information see here.

The P&C will have a 'Wishing Tree' fundraiser on the day. All WPPS teachers will be invited to put forward a list of items they would like for their classroom. These items then go on a ticket which is hung on the wishing tree. Grandfriends can buy an item for their grandchilds' classroom from the wishing tree.

The P&C will also have a Playground donation box where anyone can throw in their coins (or dollar notes!) to contribute to the next phase of the playground development.

We hope to many of our grandparents, grandfriends and other special loved ones at our school, seeing where our children learn and seeing what WPPS has to offer.

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