Music + friends + fun = Band camp!

The annual band camp took place last weekend – what a weekend! 86 children from Performance Band, Concert Band and Training Band spent the weekend at Crusaders, Galston having intensive, but fun rehearsals and tutorials to improve their skills, harmonies and mateship.

Performance Band, as the elders of the Band Program checked in on the Friday night, and they got to practice a new song as a surprise for their conductor Matt in the Hat.

On the Saturday, Concert and Training Band children arrived and were thrown straight into the program – learning new songs and techniques.

With the amazing weather that we had over the weekend, the kids were able to enjoy a bush walk in the afternoon before setting up their cabins, having dinner and finally watching a movie before bedtime.

Sunday saw the children do their final rehearsals before putting on a concert for the parents in the afternoon. What a brilliant concert it was! All three bands did such a wonderful job and you could hear the improvement over the previous 2 days.

Band Camp could not take place if it was not for the assistance of all the volunteers over the weekend. Firstly, Mrs Wilson & Mrs Merlo for giving up their weekend to be with us. The conductors, Matt & Chris for taking time away from their family and friends to be with the children. Sophie & Annabel for co-ordinating the weekend. The Band Committee for their assistance behind the scenes and finally all the parents who volunteered to assist over the weekend.

First and foremost – the children had fun!

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