Kiss and Drop - Changes in Term 3

In Term 3 there will be some changes to the Kiss and Drop zone in Apollo Avenue. The changes are in line with the recommendations provided by Transport for NSW - click here for more detail.

All parents and carers who collect their children from the Kiss and Drop zone on Apollo Avenue will be required to place a family name card in their front windscreen (passenger side). This will allow WPPS staff to identify the carer/parent of a child/ren and can instruct them to move to the curbside at the right time, when their car is approaching.

The name card is an A4 coloured page with your surname on it. Each family will be issued with a name card which will be sent home this term. Please start using your name card as soon as you receive it. It should be placed in the passenger side of the windscreen on the dash board or affixed to the sun visor.

Examples of how the name card should be positioned in your car:

Transport for NSW recommends these safety tips for drivers and students. We ask that you read and familiarise yourself with these safety tips if you utilise the Kiss and Drop zone:

Safety tips for Drivers:

• Always drop off or pick up your child from the designated zone and follow the school’s procedures.

• Drivers should remain in their vehicles at all times in the Kiss and Drop zone.

• Make sure children use the Safety Door (the rear footpath side door) to get in and out of the car.

• Make sure the handbrake is applied when the vehicle is stationary.

• Always park legally.

• Avoid unnecessary dangerous manoeuvers such as U-turns and three-point turns.

Safety tips for Students:

• Always get in and out of the vehicle through the Safety Door, the rear footpath side door.

• Stay buckled up until the vehicle has stopped in the Drop-off and pick-up area.

• Make sure your school bag and other items are in a safe position, such as on the floor.

• Be ready to get out of the vehicle with your belongings when the car has stopped and you have unbuckled your seat belt.

Teachers will also be running Kiss and Drop safety sessions in their classes in Term 2 so that children are aware of this new process.

The safety of our students and their families is of paramount importance to the school and P&C. We trust that all families will support the above process.

Please refer to the school newsletter (19th of May) for more information including a message from our Principal.

Thank you.

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