Term 4 - Message from Bob our P&C President

Having been reminded now twice by the PnC Team that the term has started and only now having guiltily managed to write a final term “Welcome letter” I am buoyed by the fact that we are already two weeks down! I am sure that many of you alike would love to be a little further down the term track than this. It’s term four and we are on the final stretch. My apologies to those expecting a formal PnC letter earlier….My engine had stalled temporarily.

Well, that said, the best way for us to end what has been an incredible year of fundraising, school camaraderie and spirit, is for us to get together during the term at the biggest movie event of them all.

The PnC have managed to secure a movie theatre night for the pupils AND parents of West Pymble Public School. It will simply be a great way to enjoy something different and exciting for the kids. Please get your DISCOUNTED tickets as soon as possible as they are going fast. I for one will be reliving my Paddington obsessed childhood for a few hours that day.

The PnC are now also in the planning phase for next year with budgets and projects being discussed and proposed. We are hoping to have exciting announcements after this period and encourage everyone to support these initiatives aggressively as all results benefit your childs’ growth. We are also sourcing additional helpers to become more actively involved in the PnC process as we develop a changing model to advance the committee even further and by implication, the schools offering to your child. Every additional hand makes such an incredible difference and is so appreciated.

A further reminder to everyone that we have initiated and driven hard this year at getting our community to buy into the Kiss and Drop safety procedures (most of which are now readily adopted by you) and making continued use of the Schoolzine app for ongoing communications. Whilst we are well aware of some of the challenges associated with pushing hard for this change, the benefits are being seen and noted by the vast majority of people.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who welcomes change and its necessity to advance the facility. We need to remind everyone that the PnC operates aggressively for the community and not against it, and is at all stages motivated to improve the environment our children grow up in.

From us as a PnC and from me as a parent, may you all have a quick term four filled with fun, laughter and smooth times. See you all at the Paddington 2 movie screening!

Bob Keen

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