2018 Term 1 - Message from the P&C President, Bob Keen

Dear WPPS families

If the speed of last year was anything to go by, this message should probably be prefixed with HAPPY XMAS 2018 (and because it’s the first of the PnC letters, an apology for its length - Please read it though, as it contains valuable messages).

I can’t believe we are sitting in the saddle already about to take to the track. It is however the best time of year for many of us and the WPPS community simply adds a further icing to the cake.

Many of you will be sharing the first days of big school with your precious ones and taking a thousand pictures whilst shedding a million tears. Just don’t blink because the years fly by. You are so welcome here at WPPS so relax, be yourself and to share in the emotions that accompany being a parent at this wonderful school.

WPPS is where you will build relationships lasting decades and we would love to have you on board! For other more hardened parents out there who have seen this road before, your prior contributions and your understanding of just what goes into making this nest so warm and special, continues to add such value. Please keep sharing, caring and participating as you see this year through…We need you.

Every year the PnC look to build on its predecessors and to lay the foundation for continued growth and development through initiating new projects, tweaking existing ones and reaching out for team players to get their hands dirty! This year is no different. The plan has been set out and having watched the incredible PnC team (volunteers and busy parents just like yourselves) dive in so soon in the year, it makes me think that 2018 will be another winner for the school.

As a courtesy to new parents and a gentle reminder to the more seasoned ones, I’ve listed a few key areas which we would love you to ‘adopt’ early so that the year starts smoothly.


The PnC and the school have aggressively driven home the SCHOOLZINE APP as a central platform for the majority of relevant communications. It’s had a huge uptake and continues to gain the praises of the community as a result of simplifying many of the previous channels. If you have not yet downloaded it, please see the following link and get it now. It is the main school comms portal.


Our standard projects and parties are planned for the year and as a ‘prewarning’, we highly recommend you dust off your dancing shoes and brace yourself for a few hysterical and fun evenings, marred only by the stiffness many of us feel from having lost the capacity to dance as we used to! Not me however, as I am still very young…..


A significant initiative this year is the GRANTS TEAM (Leanne, Tracy and Lynda) which is hoping to tap into additional funds which are readily accessibly but require a team who focus on this alone. We are pleased to note that this is already underway, and our hope is that it boosts the capacity to inject even more cash into the school. If you have experience with grants and would like to help out please email grants@wppspnc.com.au


Thanks to the previous efforts by the PnC committees and parents, your playground has been transformed from a dustbowl into a highly active social area which has catapulted the schools value and your childs educational experiences.

With this in mind, a decision was made to break these transformative projects into smaller more financially accessible chunks and to look to return results far quicker so that your young ones can enjoy the improvements whilst they are at the school.

We are pleased to announce that phase two of the project has already had the funds approved and the planning is underway. We will be working on initiating the project as soon as is possible.


Very few parents can take the time for full PnC committee involvement and as such we want a very clear message to be sent to every member of WPPS. WE DON’T EXPECT THAT FORM OF COMMITMENT!

However, we know that there are so many of you who can afford a few hours of your time in a year simply assisting with a day, a task, a process or an errand. It’s all we are asking of each of you, no matter what you feel you can give, WE WOULD SO APPRECIATE THE HELP. This is the culture we want and it has to start with you simply saying “I’ll help”.


The safety of our young ones takes full focus when it comes to this area and at the risk of sounding authoritarian, is a NON-NEGOTIABLE requirement when it comes to your child. Simply put, one mistake is too many. It really comes down to everyone adopting a simple process to ensure their children and others follow the most courteous and simple rules. If you are not sure of what’s expected, please click on the following link.

So don’t just sit back and watch. Come and meet everyone, enjoy their banter, get involved, help a little, care a little, share a little and most importantly be part of the community we are building.

Finally, there are existing volunteers on the PnC, and across the functions of the school who we should all get to know and thank for what they do to steer this ship! I am eternally grateful for the contribution you have made to my two daughters across very important years. THANK YOU. You know who you are.

Have a great year and ‘Merry Christmas for 2018’,



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