Parent Survey - 2015 results


In November 2015, the  P&C sent an online survey to the school community to ask for their feedback on what they believed the funding priorities should be for the P&C.


The results were distributed at the first P&C meeting in 2016, and will be discussed at the second meeting in March 2016.  


A topline summary of the results is shown in the below infographic. To jump to the detailed results, click here.


West Pymble Public School

P&C Community Feedback Survey

Survey sent to:  All school parents via email, on 11 November 2015

Number of respondents:  60



  • Representative responses: 60 respondents completed the survey, which is a representative sample size of the WPPS community (based on 2015 enrolments).  There was a spread of respondents across the stages, however the majority of respondents (52) respondents had children in stage 1.


  • Understanding of P&C's purpose : Over 79% of respondents understand the purpose of the P&C, with a further 18.64% having some understanding. Only 2 respondents stated that they did not understand the purpose. 

    • ACTION: improve the level of understanding of the P&C’s purpose via regular communications from Bronwyn and the P&C, and for new entrants to the school.


  • Satisfaction with P&C's communication: 62% of respondents feel that the P&C communicate well about the initiatives and goals for the school, with a further 34% feeling that the P&C’s communication is partially strong.  Only 2 respondents feel that the communication is not done well.

    • ACTION: improve our communication and ensure it is clear and timely.


  • Communication channels: The predominant communication channel that people hear from the P&C is via the P&C email (87%), school newsletters & notices (75%), and the P&C facebook page (50.88%).   The website, P&C reps and meetings contribute less than 16%. 

    • ACTION: ensure meeting minutes are distributed after each meeting via enewsletter, with clear P&C update.


  • Awareness of P&C initiatives: There is a strong awareness level for most of the P&C initiatives; however there is definitely room to improve the awareness level, particular for items such as the additional teaching resource, band programme.

    • ACTION: optimise communication of P&C initiatives.


  • Fundraising priorities: Respondents would like to see the P&C prioritise fundraising efforts for technology equipment for the school, followed by the improved outdoor learning space.  The third desired priority is special learning, tech training for teachers, improving buildings, creative arts and sporting equipment.  Increasing the canteen operating days received the least support.

    • ACTION: discuss priorities with school and P&C community, and revise 2016 funding priorities.


  • New fundraising models via class groups: There appears to be little interest in having Year-based fundraising initiatives, however we may be able to articulate this better and encourage more participation, as 55% of people were unsure if they would be able to support this.

    • ACTION: discuss this with class parents to gauge their understanding of the idea and if they feel it would be feasible.


  • New fundraising models via hosting a Saturday Sports BBQ during Soccer Season on the school oval: There is also little support for the Winter Saturday BBQ operations, with only 6 people saying they could do it on a fortnightly-monthly basis.  Without support of parents, this initiative will be difficult to execute.

    • ACTION: discuss with P&C team and interested people to determine if we could facilitate this, or discuss feasibility of this being operated by Canteen resources (paid resources).


  • Voluntary contribution amount: Over 64% of respondents would support a higher voluntary contribution in place of less fundraising efforts.  33% would like to see the contribution and fundraising efforts remain static (ie as per 2015).  Based on this, raising the voluntary contribution should be considered.  

    • ACTION: discuss this with P&C executive and forecast impact on total fundraising if fewer events are held but a higher contribution.


22 respondents provided free-text commentary, which is summarised below:

  • Provide meeting minutes via email after each meeting + publish on the site

  • Questioning the need/purpose of the Welcome t-shirts

  • Support STEM education as a priority, versus outdoor learning space

  • Request to not raise the fees and add to the financial burden.  “Generally only a small group of families pay the fees – they shouldn’t carry an unfair burden. There are also a small band of volunteers that carry the vast amount of work for the school and they should not be expected to contribute more than they already do.”

  • Suggestion to outsource some fundraising efforts and save on resources – ie coffee van, bbq, photo booth at events vs it being resourced by parents

  • Make the P&C fee compulsory and include it with the school fees, “just like in most of the school in the area”.

  • Upgrade home reader resources for K-2 as they are currently out of date and not engaging for many young readers. Fund an additional RFF science teacher – as per a previous commitment. Incorporate coding and robotics. 

  • Send voluntary contribution at the start of the year with school fees.  Suggestion to give an opt-out – pay more and exempt yourself from fundraising activities.

  • Too much pressure on parents to be involved, questioning the need for all of the fundraising activities.

  • Provide more support for OOSH, as it’s currently at capacity.  Incorporate learning clubs. Leverage alternative local venues such as churches as possible venue.

  • P&C welcome letter to all new parents when they arrive – not just at the start of the year.

  • Support for sanitizer idea, however a complaint that it smells bad and the kids won’t use it.


There were several messages of thanks for the work which the P&C does for the school, and recognition of the role it plays in the school community.


These survey results have provided invaluable feedback and we thank everyone who participated.  We need this to ensure your voice is heard and our priorities are as representative as possible for the whole community.