What exactly does the P&C do?


The P&C has two key responsibilities:


1. Fundraising


Our main aim is to raise enough money to fund essential resources for the school.

This is to cover the shortfall between the amount provided by government, and the amount the school community considers enough.


The P&C pays for 

  • 20% of a Learning Support Teacher (the rest is paid for by the school)

  • Classroom resources: the government only provides $10 per child for classroom supplies.  A lot of the things you see in the classroom – the technology, the hand sanitizer, the teacher "consumables" such as stickers and stamps for example, are provided by P&C funds.


Then there’s the “extras” that aren’t really extras:



Did you know the Canteen is funded by P&C? We raised money a few years back for the canteen building, and now we pay to have a dedicated casual Canteen Coordinator. 



Band members pay fees, but the P&C is responsible for the band and organises the instruments, the band camp and concerts. 


Grounds and buildings

The Hall was part-funded built with P&C money, so to was the playground upgrade in 2017. We have plans to continue to transform our playground into a creative Outdoor Learning Environment. Ongoing maintenance of our grounds is up to P&C too, hence the need for our Working Bees.


Without the P&C our school would not have a canteen, there would be little playground maintenance, no Band, and very limited teacher resources.


To do all these things, we need to raise funds. And to raise funds, we need to organise events, drives & campaigns, all of which rely on the support (time and energy) from volunteers.


2. Community spirit


The second responsibility is less tangible, but just as important.


The P&C is the uniting force for parent involvement. Parents and families help build a supportive community around our school, for our children and for us as parents and careers.


The P&C organise the parents events such as the welcome night, Grandparents day, trivia night and other the seasonal get-togethers that bring us all together. These are about fundraising, sure, but they’re also about creating a strong community – a village to raise our children.


Volunteering isn’t just essential, it’s fun. It’s an easy way to meet other parents, give back, and have an absolute blast! Find out how you can volunteer. 



Read our FAQs to find out more about the P&C and what we do.