At West Pymble Public School we have an enviable reputation for outstanding musical achievement.

The comprehensive band program enables students to actively participate in a music program that delivers an enriched musical experience, enjoyment and a sense of teamwork.
The West Pymble Public School Band Program has tremendous support from within our school community. It is highly regarded and is widely recognised for outstanding commitment and achievement.
Our bands have won many competitions and have performed at many prestigious events in Sydney.
We welcome all participants to the program and trust your musical experience will be both challenging and rewarding.


Who We Are

The West Pymble Public School Band Program is an extra-curricular program of excellence, encouraged and supported by the school and operated by the parent body through the Band Committee (sub committee of the P&C).

Bands meet weekly, before and after school, for rehearsals of one hour.

The annual band camp provides the icing on the cake and guarantees all students access to a program of excellence.

For more information on our band program, please contact our Band Secretary, Sophie Le Page.


Training | Concert | Performance

The West Pymble Public School Band Program has a band suited to most musical levels and needs.

TRAINING BAND is the youngest band and introduces music to year 3 students and older students who want to start playing an instrument or switch to another instrument.

CONCERT BAND is the middle band and consists mainly of students from year 4.

PERFORMANCE BAND is the most senior band of the three bands and consists mainly of students from year 5 and 6


Outstanding Musical Achievement

Over the years, West Pymble Public School bands have successfully competed in numerous competitions and festivals including the NSW School Band Festival.

Performances have been at the local shops, local preschools, local retirement villages, St Matt’s Church in West Pymble, at the North Sydney Symphonic Wind Ensemble Spring Festival at the Concourse in Chatswood, at the Key Music Australia Charity Concert, the Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival, Festival on the Green in St Ives, Festival of Choral Music at the Concourse in Chatswood and at various occasions at school such as assemblies, Spring Showcase and Grandparents Day.