Band Program

At WPPS, we have an enviable reputation for outstanding musical achievement. The comprehensive band program enables students to actively participate in a music program that delivers an enriched musical experience, enjoyment and a sense of teamwork.

The band program is run as a partnership between parent volunteers (sub-committee of the P&C), Key Music Australia (KMA, provide conductors, the music program and music tuition) and the school.

What bands are there?

  1. Training Band (TB) – year 3 (or those joining for the first time in older years)

  2. Concert Band (CB) – students who continue after TB (mainly year 4)

  3. Performance Band (PB) – students who continue after CB (mainly years 5-6)

Does my child need to know how to play an instrument before joining the Training Band?

No. Music tuition is included in the band program and no prior musical knowledge is assumed before joining the TB. If a child has previous experience on an instrument, please note this when applying.

How much will it cost?

Costs include an annual band fee, instrument hire fee (if you choose to hire an instrument from the P&C)   and music tuition fees. Please contact the band committee for more information.

Can I bring/buy my own instrument instead of hiring?

Absolutely.  Note that percussionists need a drum kit (electric or otherwise) at home (bring drumsticks to school). Pianists need a keyboard/piano at home. 

Can I choose what instrument my child will play in the TB?

In term 4, KMA assists Year 2 students in trying the instruments available for the band program. The best suited and preferred instruments are noted and advised to parents. Parents are asked to rank preferred instruments when they apply for TB (previous experience on an instrument can be noted). KMA will allocate instruments based on preference and band requirements.

What happens if a hired P&C instrument is damaged?

Please DO NOT try to rectify it yourself, as further damage can occur. Please notify your band parent/coordinator asap and email We will assist with arranging repairs and/or providing a replacement.

What will be required from my child?

Band members attend a weekly band rehearsal/s (2 per week for PB) and a weekly music lesson (either privately organised or via KMA).  It is also expected that students practice their instrument at home.

Band camp is held each year and it is expected that all band members attend. This includes 1 overnight stay at a conference centre for the TB/CB and 2 nights for the PB.

There are performances during the year for all bands. Some of these are held out of school hours, including weekends, at various locations. For the TB, most performances will occur at school.

Is there a band uniform?

Yes (CB and PB): polo shirt (purchased from committee) & black trousers/socks/shoes (parents to source).  

How can I contact the band committee?

Please email

 West Pymble Public School performance band performing at Yamaha band festival in June 2013. The pieces are: Inferno, Of Distant Peaks and Sesame Street Theme.

West Pymble Public School performance band performing at the West Pymble Shops.